We work in a very open source environment with collectors and listen to what they want and take criticism from them when deserved. We have a group of outside specialists who happen to be collectors and we love to involve them in the development process.

We find it exciting and it is mutually stimulating to learn from the people that collect models. Listening to our customers and fulfilling their desires makes our work all the more satisfying.

Top Marques Collectibles is our premier brand and we focus on mythical hyper cars, classic GT cars, world famous race cars and cars which we like and want to see produced.

We aim to achieve the highest possible quality price ratio possible and we always strive to have the best possible quality product on the market. Every project we undertake we do it with passion and excitement to give the best possible result to the collector.

  Download our 2016 releases PDF (TOP Marques Collectibles | 2.5 MB)

LS Collectibles is our new sister brand focused on a lower level price bracket. The objective of our sister brand is to give collectors a fantastic price - quality ratio offering a product with the 70% of the technical features and overall finish of a Top Marques Collectible but with a lower retail price.

Our program on LS collectibles is focused on young and modern cars as well as young timers. We have carefully selected products that are designed to excite a younger demographic group. We hope you enjoy our new line and we will have many exciting products in the pipeline in 2016.

  Download our 2016 releases PDF (LS Collectibles | 0.5 MB)